Friday, January 16, 2009

Random Musing Before Shabbat-Sh'mot 5769-Tzav Latzav II

Nine years ago I wrote a random musing for this parasha based on a bit of text from the hafatarah. I told an interesting tale about an incident that happened to me at the time, and reflected upon the experience.

Nine years later, the tale seems less important to repeat than simply the words of the haftarah. Today I simply ask: is it any different in our world today than at the time these words were written? Ponder that for your shabbat, as I will.

"To whom would he give instruction?
To whom expound a message?
To those newly weaned from milk,
just taken away from the breast?

That same mutter upon mutter,
murmur upon murmur,
now here, now there.

Truly, as one who speaks to that people
in a stammering jargon and an alien tongue
is he who declares to them:
'This is the resting place,
let the weary rest;
this is the place of repose.'
They refuse to listen.

To them the word of the Lrd is:
'Mutter upon mutter, murmur upon murmur,
now here, now there."
(JPS, Isaiah 28:9-11.)

Tzav latzav.

Shabbat Shalom,

-Adrian ©2009 by Adrian A. Durlester

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