Tuesday, July 14, 2009

An article worth reading.

Reinvigorating Hebrew Schools: A New Approach

While I find myself a little uncomfortable with the "market" terminology, I think Woocher has the right idea for the approach that we need to take for the future of Jewish Education.

See my own blog post here "My Jewish Education Heresy"

His key statement is this:

"Nonetheless, the vast majority of the efforts we have seen thus far suffer from one serious limitation: they start with the producers of supplementary education, not its consumers, as their primary focus."

I say we continue to ride our high horses and saying we know what's best for Jewish Education at our own peril. You can't give the people what you want them to get until you get the people to want what you're offering, and for that, you need to know what it is for that they're looking.

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