Monday, November 3, 2008

Concerned about the Republican Jewish Coalition? You Should Be.

Today in my email was an advertisement sent from and paid for by the Republican Jewish Coalition, whoever they are. The subject of the email was "Scared about Barack Obama? You should be."

The message is a scare-mongering, fear-mongering specious attempt to convince Jews to not vote for Obama because it says he is naive in his views, and will endanger both America and Israel.

What will it take for these dunderheads to learn that a tough stance only engenders stronger opposition. Why else would the terrorists want McCain/Palin to win?

A U.S. with an olive branch is not a welcome thing for the world's suppliers of hate and violence. A U.S. with an olive branch is a reassuring sign for those of us who feel we are adrift on dilluvian waters yet again, awaiting a sign of hope.

This Republican Jewish Coalition represents neither the best interest of the state of Israel, nor those of the Jewish people, or those of the U.S. Show them how wrong they are by giving Obama/Biden an overwhelming victory tomorrow.

Migdalor Guy

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