Friday, November 9, 2012

Random Musing Before Shabbat–Hayyei Sarah 5773–Still Tilting at the Same Windmills

Something about this parasha and its associated haftarah keep tugging at me. There are themes I come back to, time and again.

One theme to which I will always come back, until I eventually write that darn book I keep saying I’m going to write someday, is the Beer-Lahai-Roi connection. Beer-Lahai-Roi being the site of G”d’s annunciation to Hagar and also the place from which Yitzchak returns to bury his father. All part of my theory that after his father tried to kill him, Yitzchak went off to live with Ishmael and Hagar.

These two musings are among my takes on this:

Hayyei Sarah 5771 - The Book That Isn't - Yet
Hayyei Sarah 5770 - Call Me Ishmael II

I also found it interesting how two years in a  row I came back to the haftarah, and in both those musings, I used the same essential reference to Don Quixote (the book and the musical.)

Hayei Sarah  5767-Never Warm?
Chaye Sarah 5766-Semper Vigilans

I’ve not yet tired of tilting at windmills, even ones I’ve engaged with before.

As I continue to get settled in my new location, I hope you’ll forgive the recent rash of repeats. I’ve new ideas and new thoughts to share, once things settle down. In the meantime, enjoy the musings mentioned above, or one of these others:

Hayyei Sarah 5772 - Zikhnah
Hayyei Sarah 5769 - Looking for Clues
Hayyei Sarah 5768 - A High Price
Chaye Sarah 5763-Life Goes On
Chaye Sarah 5762-Priorities, Redundancies And Puzzles
Chayeh Sarah 5761-L'cha Dodi Likrat Kala
Hayyei Sarah 5760 - Call Me Ishmael (the original)
Chaye Sarah 5757-The Shabbat That Almost Wasn't

Shabbat Shalom,


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