Friday, November 22, 2013

Random Musing Before Shabbat–Vayeishev 5774– Nothing New, Just Eight Candles Plus a Shamash

In the midst of preparation for a major Hanukkah program, I beg your indulgence and, instead of a new musing, offer you this selection of nine earlier musings on parashat Vayeishev.

Vayeishev 5773 - K'tonet Passim
Reflections on that many-colored coat

Vayeishev 5772 - The Ram's Horn Rag
From the haftarah (Amos) a place for the ram’s horn in today’s world

Vayeishev 5771-Ma T'vakeish?
What is it that we’re really seeking?

Vayeishev 5768 - Strangers Walking Together
Can two walk together without having met (also from Haftarah)

Vayeishev/Hanukah 5767-I Believe in Miracles
Sorry I ruined Hanukkah for you with all those true stories. Time to believe again.

Vayeishev 5766-Who Was That Guy?
Minor characters can have a major influence

Vayeshev 5761 - In G”d's Time
Reflections on that forgetful cup-bearer

Vayeshev 5765-Mikol HaMishpakhot HaAdamah
Thanks again to the haftarah from Amos, more on that “being singled out” problem

Vayeshev 5758-What's Worth Looking After
Brothers or Sheep? None? Both? None of the Above?

I wish for you a meaningful and peaceful Shabbat, and a joyous Hanukkah (oh, and enjoy that other holiday, too.)

Shabbat shalom,


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