Friday, April 10, 2015

Random Musing Before Shabbat–April 11, 2015-Cop Out

Yep, that’s what this is. It’s a cop out. I’m finding yet another excuse to not write a new musing for this Shabbat. Last week it was Pesakh and my 60th birthday. This week it’s the question of the variation in practice that leads to different things being read at different synagogues, depending upon whether or not they are observing 8 days of Pesakh. Even though, if we go with Sh’mini, it’s one of my favorite parshiyot, because, as you know, it contains my two favorite crispy critters, Nadav and Avihu, I’m gonna take a pass and let what I’ve written before stand. So here’s a heapin’ helpin’ of variously appropriate musings no matter what your personal practice for this Shabbat is.


Pesach 8th Day 5772 - The Bread of Freedom
Pesach VII 5761 (Revised 5765)
5761-Pesach VII-Redundant Anamnesis

Sh'mini 5774 - Indubitably Delicious
Sh'mini 5772 - Collect Call
Sh'mini/Shabbat Parah 5771-So Say We All
Sh'mini 5770 - Don't Eat That, It's Not Kosher
Sh'mini 5769 srettirC ypsirC
Sh'mini 5767-Don't Be a Stork
Sh'mini 5766-Palmwalkers
Shemini 5765-It All Matters
Shemini 5764-Playing Before Gd
Shemini 5763 - Belly of the Beast
Shemini 5762-Crispy Critters
Shemini 5761-Lessons From Our Students
Shemini 5760-Calm in a Crisis
Shemini 5759-Porking Out

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