Friday, March 17, 2017

Random Musing Before Shabbat–Ki Tisa/Shabbat Parah 5777–Reruns

I’m a bit under the weather today, which I didn’t expect. Had I known I might have written a new musing for this week earlier in the week. But I left it until today, and now my brain and body are just not up to the task. So I offer you the choice of any of the 16 previous musings I’ve written for parashat Ki Tisa, some of which also coincided with a Shabbat Parah as we again do this year. I commend them to you and hope you enjoy whichever ones you choose to read.

Shabbat Shalom,


Ki Tisa 5776 - It Didn't Matter
Ki Tisa 5775 - Shabbat Is A Verb II
Ki Tissa 5774 - Faith Amnesia (and Anger Management)
Ki Tissa/Shabbat Parah 5773 - Fortune and Men's Eyes (Redux and Revised)
Ki Tisa 5772 - Other G"d?
Ki Tisa 5771 - Still Waiting for the Fire
Ki Tisa 5770 - A Fickle Pickle
Ki Tisa 5768-Not So Easy? Not So Hard!
Ki Tisa/Shabbat Parah 5767-New Hearts and New Spirits
Ki Tisa/Shabbat Parah 5766-Fortune and Men's Eyes
Ki Tisa 5765-Re-Souling Ourselves
Ki Tisa 5764-A Musing on Power Vacuums
Ki Tisa 5763-Shabbat is a Verb
Ki Tisa 5762-Your Turn
Ki Tisa 5760-Anger Management
Ki Tisa 5761-The Lesson Plan

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